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What kind of work should I do?

Working Income does not only represent the financial part of our lives, which allows us to support ourselves and our families. It also represents our ambitions, self respect, accomplishments and personal growth.

Suppose that you could freely choose what kind of work you do, where ever you like and with whom you like. What could that mean to both these parts?

It ‘s the kind of question I started to aks myself when I decided to follow the messages I recognised in my Vision Board (see the Blog: The Magic of the Vision Board). Continue reading

The Money Game

Ever heard of “The Money Game”?

Besides being a heading title used in multiple financial magazines it is also a true game that can be played to learn to manage your money.
Try winthemoneygame for more information on the game itself.

jars1By deciding to change my financial situation and strive for financial freedom, I had to learn how to play the Money Game and manage to optimize 5 important elements:
• Working Income
• Savings
• Investments
• Passive Income
• Simplify your Life
All 5 elements have to work together to have the correct impact. Continue reading

Passive Income?

The last Blog on my attitude to money raised some questions on what Passive Income is.

As you may gather, Passive Income is the opposite of active income. With other words, you receive income without actively working for it (anymore). There are two sorts of passive income: Business Passive Income and Money Working for You Income. Let’s start with the Business Passive Income by giving you examples: Continue reading