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About Esther Celosse

Esther Celosse has 20 years of experience in Trust and Banking. Since 2009 she works independently as a passionate executive coach, leadership trainer and consultant.She lived and worked in the Netherlands, CuraƧao, Chile, Luxembourg, Belgium and France.


Funny how I expected that after 4 weeks of vacation I would be full of energy and ready to rumble. The opposite felt more true. I seemed to have start-up problems and my energy was low.Afbeelding 010

Energy is a strange thing. The more you do, the more you seem to have of it, the more you seem to get done. At least, that is how it works for me. So I needed to start getting things done to get enough energy to get going. Kind of a “loop-hole”. Recognise this? Continue reading

Your Eyes, they Tell How you Think

Two weeks ago I joined a four day training on a combination of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Bio-Energetic Therapy. Highly interesting and for me a personal challenge, as I tend to be very much a “head” person and less a “body” person.

IMG_0059kleinMost people who have heard of NLP immediately start talking about eyes and eye movements. How these movements can tell what you think. Continue reading

Take Action or Let Go…

In the latest blog post I mentioned some tips on Energy Management.

Most important is to make sure you fill up your personal energy “battery” to the 100% level every couple of days.


Knowing how we all seem to be time pressured now-a-days, this may mean you have to plan to charge your battery. If you know your preferred “charging” method, it may take even less time than you think. Continue reading

Energy Management

It has been a couple of interesting months. A lot is happening and my work has led me in all kind of directions. One of the projects I have just finalised, was a series of workshops for a company in Belgium. Main topic: “How to increase your Mental Resilience”.

AfbeeldingbMany participants were struggling with their work/life balance but also with the fact that they did not find the energy anymore to muster motivation for the job. Those are serious situations, both for the employees as the company. Continue reading

Feed Forward, the Best Way Forward

Like most people, I have been receiving and giving feedback on a daily basis in both my private and professional life. Although it should be a natural behavior to all of us, I often hear people say that they do not think it is easy. Certainly not when they have to deliver a message they think will be difficult for the person receiving it.

Giving feedback however is a skill and can be learned. The techniques are easy to be found in books and on internet.

Feed ForwardWhen advising people I always teach them to deal with Feedback and…….with Feed Forward. Often forgotten, but maybe the better alternative for helping people.

Continue reading

Want to be an Entrepreneur?

End of 2009 I decided to leave the world of being an employee and become an entrepreneur. Since then I have learned many new skills through study and experience. My set of beliefs has changed and I have learned to put my talents to more use than before.

LADDERThe learning part is continuous and is giving a lot of knowledge and energy. Continue reading

Less is More

It is probably age (I am 49) that makes me reconsider a lot of decisions and matters that used to be important to me in the past, but there is also a trend going on. When I read magazines and newspapers, I recognise a similar movement towards simplicity and contentment.

less is more-1The New More is………” Less”. Continue reading