Monthly Archives: January 2014

Business and Marketing

The year has started well for me.

I have been attending many functions where I have been distributing and receiving business cards. Next on the to-do-list is linking with all these new acquintances and looking for business opportunities.

Afbeelding 09It made me wonder again, what kind of business I really am in. Allthough I deliver consultancy, leadership training and coaching, I seem to be rather in the business of listening and selling.

This brings me back to the first blog-post of this year, my basic rule:

my succes = my potential -/- my constraints. Continue reading

What is Holding You Back?

The New Year has started. Resolutions, objectives and goals have been flying around to make sure 2014 also will be a successful year both on the private and the professional side.

One of my plans is of course to make my business in Luxembourg a success ( may sound easier than it is.

Afbeelding 02

The last couple of years I have learned something important:

My Success = My Potential -/- My Constraints Continue reading