Monthly Archives: December 2013

How was your year?

The End of the Year 2013 is coming closer.

My clients are making holidays plans and most companies are not going to organise any trainings, coaching’s and consultancy for the next two to three weeks.

P1030940This is traditionally the best time for me to evaluate and think back about what and how I have been doing the past year, both professionally and in my private life.

It has been a very rich year with plenty of change.

If you have been reading my blog-posts over the past couple of months, you Continue reading

Are you Successful? This may help

Since I have set myself up for the Luxembourg market via the acquisition of a partnership ( I need to get myself into shape for success.


It’s always helpful to look at other people who have been successful at what they do and learn from them. Following and copying the behavior of role models helps to get closer to your own targets. Continue reading