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To Believe Or Not To Believe…

“Beliefs are thoughts you hold to be the truth”.

These thoughts color your reality and are your filters in the way you perceive the world. These beliefs are nor good nor bad.

Your Set of Beliefs become part of your system through:
Verbal explanation (what people have told you)
Modeling (you saw others behave in a certain way)
Incidents and Experience (you have your own experience and conclusions)

Let’s image that we live in 4 worlds at the same time:
1. Mental world
2. Emotional world
3. Spiritual/Energetic World
4. Physical world (print-out of the other 3 worlds)

The link between these four worlds, I could best explain by saying: Thoughts (Mental) lead to Feelings (Emotional/Spiritual), Feelings lead to Actions (Physical) and Actions lead to Results (Physical). Continue reading

Simplify your Life

I want to share with you one very important “rule” which I apply on a very regular basis:

The “Simplify your Life” rule.

“Simplify Your Life” means in fact: organise your actions, assets and costs in such a way that you can finance and enjoy your desired life-style comfortably. (see also the Blog Managing Your Money and The Money game for more information).

Every now and again I just sit down and reflect on the present situation. How am I doing on the “Simplify Your Life” rule?afrique

How much time do I spend on things I do not want or need? Am I not spending too much money on unnecessary things? That magazine, I receive automatically every week, do I still like it? Is it necessary to take the car and could I not take the bike (to be honest, this is rather my husband thinking it and not me)? Do all my books in the cupboard still make me happy or could I make other people happier with them? That old bike in the garage, what else could I do with it (that is rather my thought than my husband’s)?

Can I afford to have a massage every week and get the stress out of my body? Do we manage own money ourselves or do we let somebody else take care of that? Do I travel to others countries to work on projects or do I search for projects closer to home?

“Simplify Your Live” is not about cutting costs. It is about becoming aware of the value and the cost of your actions and assets and feel good about them. Continue reading

The Money Game

Ever heard of “The Money Game”?

Besides being a heading title used in multiple financial magazines it is also a true game that can be played to learn to manage your money.
Try winthemoneygame for more information on the game itself.

jars1By deciding to change my financial situation and strive for financial freedom, I had to learn how to play the Money Game and manage to optimize 5 important elements:
• Working Income
• Savings
• Investments
• Passive Income
• Simplify your Life
All 5 elements have to work together to have the correct impact. Continue reading

Passive Income?

The last Blog on my attitude to money raised some questions on what Passive Income is.

As you may gather, Passive Income is the opposite of active income. With other words, you receive income without actively working for it (anymore). There are two sorts of passive income: Business Passive Income and Money Working for You Income. Let’s start with the Business Passive Income by giving you examples: Continue reading

Money, money, money…

Ever had the experience that you had great ideas about how you would like to live your life but right after that you thought:” but I will never be able to afford that lifestyle” and then abandoning the ideas? I did.

41_13_68---Green-Traffic-light_webTruth is, I actually did not know whether I could afford it or not. I just presumed I could not. Continue reading