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Energy Management

It has been a couple of interesting months. A lot is happening and my work has led me in all kind of directions. One of the projects I have just finalised, was a series of workshops for a company in Belgium. Main topic: “How to increase your Mental Resilience”.

AfbeeldingbMany participants were struggling with their work/life balance but also with the fact that they did not find the energy anymore to muster motivation for the job. Those are serious situations, both for the employees as the company. Continue reading

Feed Forward, the Best Way Forward

Like most people, I have been receiving and giving feedback on a daily basis in both my private and professional life. Although it should be a natural behavior to all of us, I often hear people say that they do not think it is easy. Certainly not when they have to deliver a message they think will be difficult for the person receiving it.

Giving feedback however is a skill and can be learned. The techniques are easy to be found in books and on internet.

Feed ForwardWhen advising people I always teach them to deal with Feedback and…….with Feed Forward. Often forgotten, but maybe the better alternative for helping people.

Continue reading

To Believe Or Not To Believe…

“Beliefs are thoughts you hold to be the truth”.

These thoughts color your reality and are your filters in the way you perceive the world. These beliefs are nor good nor bad.

Your Set of Beliefs become part of your system through:
Verbal explanation (what people have told you)
Modeling (you saw others behave in a certain way)
Incidents and Experience (you have your own experience and conclusions)

Let’s image that we live in 4 worlds at the same time:
1. Mental world
2. Emotional world
3. Spiritual/Energetic World
4. Physical world (print-out of the other 3 worlds)

The link between these four worlds, I could best explain by saying: Thoughts (Mental) lead to Feelings (Emotional/Spiritual), Feelings lead to Actions (Physical) and Actions lead to Results (Physical). Continue reading