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Since I have set myself up for the Luxembourg market via the acquisition of a partnership ( I need to get myself into shape for success.


It’s always helpful to look at other people who have been successful at what they do and learn from them. Following and copying the behavior of role models helps to get closer to your own targets.

As a reminder to myself and as a kind of compilation of what I wrote in earlier blogs, here are some “rules of behaviour” that helped other people to become and stay successful.

Embrace change

Successful people understand that change is a constant and welcome positive change. They are willing to be flexible. They believe in their abilities to adapt.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself

Successful people take responsibility for their role. Life is not easy, but blaming others or the circumstances is not going to help. Always consider what you can change and not what they should change.

Keep control over your power and don’t lose time or energy on things you can’t control

Successful people are in control of their emotions and choose how to respond to them. They do not let others take control over them or give others power over them. Successful people keep control over their behavior and attitude and focus on what they can do and can control.

Take (calculated) risks

Successful people take risks, but they weigh the disadvantages and the benefits before they take a decision. Information gathering on the possible downsides is key, but they should not necessarily stand in the way of going ahead.

Failure? No, growth!

Successful people also know about failure. However, failure is no reason to give up. Failure helps to understand what to do differently and are opportunities to improve and grow. Successful people keep trying till they get it right.

Long term results over short term results

When getting a new business off the ground, successful people don’t expect immediate results. They understand that change takes time and making failures. Sticking to the grand plan and adapting along the way, will deliver long term results. Long term sustainability goes over short term profitability.

Look to the future

The past is the past. Acknowledge mistakes and learn from them, but do not relive them or make them over and over. Live in the present, plan for the future and make better decisions.

Look at other people’s success

Successful people appreciate and celebrate other person’s success. There is no jealousy, but a recognition of the hard work that has gone into reaching this success. They learn from others and are willing to try proven concepts. They remain willing to work hard for their own success and share their knowledge with those who need or want it.

Does all of this provide any guarantee for success?

In the long run, yes.

It’s your beliefs that will help you to reach your goals. Believing that these behaviours will help you get successful is the first step.

Share with us what types of behavior has helped you to become successful at what you do via the comments below.

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