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Take Action or Let Go…

In the latest blog post I mentioned some tips on Energy Management.

Most important is to make sure you fill up your personal energy “battery” to the 100% level every couple of days.


Knowing how we all seem to be time pressured now-a-days, this may mean you have to plan to charge your battery. If you know your preferred “charging” method, it may take even less time than you think. Continue reading

Energy Management

It has been a couple of interesting months. A lot is happening and my work has led me in all kind of directions. One of the projects I have just finalised, was a series of workshops for a company in Belgium. Main topic: “How to increase your Mental Resilience”.

AfbeeldingbMany participants were struggling with their work/life balance but also with the fact that they did not find the energy anymore to muster motivation for the job. Those are serious situations, both for the employees as the company. Continue reading