Monthly Archives: May 2013

Want to be an Entrepreneur?

End of 2009 I decided to leave the world of being an employee and become an entrepreneur. Since then I have learned many new skills through study and experience. My set of beliefs has changed and I have learned to put my talents to more use than before.

LADDERThe learning part is continuous and is giving a lot of knowledge and energy. Continue reading

Less is More

It is probably age (I am 49) that makes me reconsider a lot of decisions and matters that used to be important to me in the past, but there is also a trend going on. When I read magazines and newspapers, I recognise a similar movement towards simplicity and contentment.

less is more-1The New More is………” Less”. Continue reading

What kind of work should I do?

Working Income does not only represent the financial part of our lives, which allows us to support ourselves and our families. It also represents our ambitions, self respect, accomplishments and personal growth.

Suppose that you could freely choose what kind of work you do, where ever you like and with whom you like. What could that mean to both these parts?

It ‘s the kind of question I started to aks myself when I decided to follow the messages I recognised in my Vision Board (see the Blog: The Magic of the Vision Board). Continue reading